Build confidence and improve 11+ exam technique.

A series of mock exams that prepare children through practical experience.

Our aim is to help prepare children for the 11+ school entrance exams by providing an authentic and positive exam experience. We use each mock exam as a means to identify and effectively support exam strategies and techniques. It is important to understand where best to focus your child's efforts so we highlight, through written feedback, any specific areas that would benefit from improvement.

Why book a Best2Test 11+ Mock Exam

Test questions that reflect the type and level of question that an 11+ candidate will experience in both the September Trafford Grammar school exams and the January/February Independent school exams.

Papers written explicitly for each exam format.
Trafford: GL style and CEM style.
Independent school papers in keeping with current exam trends.

Experienced 11+ teachers and tutors write the unique, challenging and broad-ranging questions for every test paper, and there is no reuse of questions across papers.

Qualified teachers invigilate all exams, mark and analyse every paper.

Performance feedback and analysis provided.
Trafford 11+ mock exam candidates  a
re provided with a ranking within their cohort.

Explanations of solutions for a wide range of GL and CEM style example questions in all subject areas tested (Trafford 11+ mock exams).

Invigilators are DBS checked / First Aiders

Please note that Best2Test do NOT distribute, publish or release the test papers or the multiple-choice answer sheets. This ensures that no candidate has seen the test papers/ individual question types or answer sheets prior to the 11+ mock exam, ensuring that feedback is reliable.

CEM Style Exams

GL Style Exams

Independent School Exams

Which Trafford schools use which exam styles

CEM and GL explained

Independent School Interviews